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About Me

My name is Wendel. Yes, that is a boy's name too. I live in Amsterdam together with my husband and three kids. I love rescuing plants from the trash, thrifting for treasures, rollerskating, botanical tattoos and travelling. I used to sing in a rockband and even signed a boob of a fan. Sometimes I hunt for Pokemon while spending hours in the bathtub, or disappear in a book for a whole week and cry because I miss the characters when I finish it. I see auras of trees and sometimes even people when they sit still.​

A while ago a neighbour cleared out his garage and gave me his vintage Nikon EM for free, with ALL HIS LENSES! I have an adapter so I can use them with my brand new system camera, my beloved Nikon Z5. My favourite lens to capture intimate moments of my family without being too much in their face is my analogue 100mm. I love the authentic feel of the pictures and don't ever use Lightroom when I shoot with that lens.

I discovered my passion for photography at an early age, when my dad had his own dark room in the attic. I loved watching the photos develop, just like real magic. Looking through a lens made me feel like I was not completely there, as if I was looking through a wormhole into another world. In my work I try to blend into the energy of the crowd to capture the most sincere moments. 

This year I officially started my one woman business and I can't wait to make more magic! So please text me, mail me, call me, and beam me up so we can dive into the wormhole together!

With love,


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